Deciding to start a garden can be daunting, but with the right planning and timeline, it can be the beginning of a lifetime passion.

You may find plenty of inspirations online. Eventually, when you have learned about the things to consider on how to start a garden, you would wish you have started sooner.

Be Committed and Stick to the Plan

Gardening is about taking it slow.

Every bountiful garden started out small, so do not expect yours to be immediately grand. No matter how tiny the garden is, it will still demand for your time and commitment.

Choosing and planning what plants to grow can determine how much effort you need to devote to start a garden.

Know Your Zone

Before you get too far, you need to be aware of your climate zone.

By knowing this information, you will be able to understand what plants you can successfully grow in your space. Know the flowers and vegetables that do well in your area, and the best time to cultivate them.

Consider planning on when to sow seeds so they will bloom in their perfect time. As a result, you will not be disappointed for you can harvest what you have rightly sown.

Maximise Your Space

Do you know that the position of your garden can make it more efficient than you think? Usually, a vegetable bed needs full sun exposure — 8-10 hours. Although, other plants can tolerate light shade such as leeks and kale.

You should keep in mind that sunlight is essential in maintaining a garden.

Determine Your Gardening Type

Achieving a particular kind of gardening will depend on the efficiency of your space. Carefully observe so you can determine if it can provide the consistent sunlight you need for your garden.

With container gardening, you just have to be patient in moving your potted plants consistently.

Raised bed gardening, on the other hand, requires more frequent watering since this type of gardening has better drainage. Depending on your location this might be a good or bad thing.

Meanwhile, in-ground gardening requires more weeding. Be careful not to walk on your garden soil as well, because this might result in hindering drainage.

Decide What to Plant

You might think that the list on how to start a garden is going backwards, but it is the proper way. After you have planned your time and determined your zone, space, and type of gardening, you can now decide which kinds of plants you would like to flourish.

You may do a little research about the plants you have in mind. Then, list down which ones are ideal for your available resources.

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