5 fascinating plants to keep a healthy garden this summer

5 fascinating plants to keep a healthy garden this summer

5 fascinating plants to keep a healthy garden this summer | Bagbani

Have you ever noticed in your garden how the same plant can fail in one location yet thrive in another? Given the same soil, water and light, the two plants just don’t seem to grow the same. The reason for this disparity might be a neighboring plant that creates garden harmony — or one that may cause a nearby plant to fail.

Plants contain a complex network of chemical components that may be harmful to some plants or helpful to others, thereby affecting plant growth or susceptibility to disease.

5 amazing plants which can help in keeping a healthy garden.



As garden keeper, we know the importance of bees and other pollinating insects for the success of a garden. Marigolds not only attracts pollinating agents but also look fabulous while doing so, especially in summer season.

Planting marigolds in your garden, can help in protection form nematodes and other garden pests as their roots and blooms contain Thiophene which is toxic for pests.

Marigold | Bagbani

Another great thing about marigolds is that they have medicinal values and can be used in skin conditions such as rashes, wounds, eczema and varicose veins.


2. Indigo

Indigo is a sub-tropical deciduous species of the legume family. Indigo and other leguminous plants are important for the function of Nitrogen Fixation.

Indigo | Bagbani

Nitrogen-fixing plants can transport nitrogen from the very air we breathe into the soil, where bacteria then convert it into a plant-friendly form that benefits neighboring plants. Nitrogen is one of the main elements for plant growth and vigor.


3. Mint

Strongly scented herbs such as Mint can also benefit neighbors by masking their scent, especially for those pests that rely on scent to find their favorite meal.

Mint | Bagbani

Companion plants also work as a camouflage, reducing visibility for pests that find host plants by sight.


4. Sunflower

Seed bearing perennials such as Sunflowers attract a lot of birds, which is the best way to keep bad bugs in check. Bugs from soil-dwelling grubs to codling moths in flight provide a first-class feast for sparrows, robins, wrens, swallows and a host of other bug-eating birds.

Sunflower | Bagbani

Sunflowers not only attract birds but also a diversified army of beneficial insects such as lady beetles, hover flies etc. that prey on pests. These insatiable creatures seek out and destroy pests such as aphids, slugs and snails, cucumber beetles, caterpillars and other nasty bugs that wreak havoc on our gardens. 


5. Hibiscus

These are again bright colored sweet smelling flowers which attract a good number of pollinators, like butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Flowers have a wide range of applications for its fragrance in bouquets and in beauty products like powders, lotions and moisturizing creams to keep skin from dryness. It is also used in medicines to treat several health problems.

Hibiscus | Bagbani

Seasoned gardeners know that a diverse mix of plants makes for a healthy and beautiful garden. Many believe that certain plant combinations have extraordinary powers to help each other grow.

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