Best Gifting Options Gift Plant

Best Gifting Options Gift Plant

Best Gifting Options Gift Plant

A gift is an emotion wrapped in a gift paper that is delivered to another person with warmth and love. This year was about coronavirus pandemic, stress, tension, worry, and fear but we somehow coped up with this and moved our life forward with a positive impact. Every occasion and festival was celebrated differently this year because of social distancing and restrictions so even the gifts had a slight turn towards a better tomorrow and a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

So here is the list of best gifting options:

Great pots with great design and defining character will add up in every interior and even sound funny if it is customized. Giving pot will also encourage planting and towards living green.

  • A personalised sipper/ mug-

Staying hydrated is necessary and gifting a sipper or mug that is customized adds to the importance of drinking water and sipping immunity drinks. This will encourage using it continuously and it will have health benefits too.

  • A festive pie dish-

Eating in that plate which is gifted and engraved with the special occasion gives a surety that you will never forget the gift given by whom and it will realize the occasion every now and then.

  • A puzzle which is filled with bright colours-

A puzzle can be gifted with bright colors on it which can be used to play in free time and which can also be used as a frame to make your wall attractive. Adding bright color to it enhances its worth and looks attractive. This gift can also be customized as per your choice.

  • A set of homesick candles that will remind them of their favourite place-

Gifting a set of candles is a good idea, but customizing in a different way will add more value like you can find out the favorite places of the person you are gifting this candle to and input this place’s name in the candle jar and try to give that flavor of fragrance. This will make them emotional and it will turn lovely.

Wrap it nicely with the help of a basket or fancy box and use a net to add the items like sanitizer, wet tissues, masks, cream, body lotion, perfume, etc as per your gifting person’s choice.

  • Give a set of jars filled with immunity booster food-

Gifting a set of jars filled with dry fruits, nuts, snacks or chocolates will fulfill both hunger and gift-giving. It will encourage the factor of care and concern for the person and it is an ideal gift given on every occasion.

  • Give the subscriptions-

Gift the subscriptions of Netflix, amazon prime, alt Balaji, etc as today the entertainment is turned digital and people are encouraged to use all these platforms in their spare time so this is an ideal gift.

Even plants are considered as a gift, take a box and add the plants that are good for indoors and great in immunity like tulsi, neem, money plant.

  • Give natural and organic gift-

Gift a set that includes a bar of natural and organic soap, handmade cream, scrub, bath salt, and cleanser. This is organic and safe and made with 100% love and care.

So, these are the gifting ideas as per the current situation which is unique and lovely.

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