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Best Insectivorous Plants

Mother Nature has obviously done a great job of maintaining equilibrium. One such marvelous species is insectivorous plants that are also known as carnivorous plants, and indeed, these plants live on other living species or insects to be precise, as their name implies. Do you know the true science behind that? Do you know how […]

Best Aquatic Plants

There are countless reasons why anyone would want to introduce aquatic plants into the ecosystem. The beauty of these plants is definitely one of those many reasons and below are a few more: Plants carry out photosynthesis, which raises the proportion of oxygen in the water. These plants assists in purifying the water These plants […]

Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Do you know that all the carbon dioxide in the air is naturally consumed by an indoor plant and prevents oxygen from flowing? It eliminates the contaminants in the environment and removes the bacteria from the home as well. Not just that, but if you’re someone who is a minimalist or looking for something that […]

Best Desert Plants

desert plants

We all talk about flowering plants, we all know about flowering plants but how much do we actually talk about desert plants? Do we know how many different species of deserted plants actually exist in the world? Can we name any desert plant except from Cactus? Did you ever know that there are over 2500 […]

Best Gifting Options Gift Plant

Best Gifting Options Gift Plant

A gift is an emotion wrapped in a gift paper that is delivered to another person with warmth and love. This year was about coronavirus pandemic, stress, tension, worry, and fear but we somehow coped up with this and moved our life forward with a positive impact. Every occasion and festival was celebrated differently this […]

Best way to care for your flower plants

Best way to care your flower plants

Flowers are beautiful creations produced by nature with attractive colors, smells, and beauty. We require flowers for every occasion and ritual. Talking about care for flower plants it is said that flower plants need utmost care to grow properly as these plants are very sensitive and delicate to the changes in weather and can die […]

Eat Fresh, Stay Healthy, Sit Back & Relax

vegetable farming

  EAT FRESH, STAY HEALTHY, SIT BACK & RELAX We at Bagbani are happy to announce that we have come up with an idea of vegetable farming  which is of a need in current times for surviving in this concrete world.        •We think that nature and its goodness should exist and people […]

Encourage gifting real plants rather than artificial flowers/plants.


Gifting is an everlasting gesture given to our favorite person on a special day. Flowers are of great importance in everyone’s life and they are required on every occasion. We at Bagbani believe that everyone should understand the importance of nature and show interest in giving and gifting plants, to encourage its importance and to […]

Easy Steps to Seed Germination

Seed starting is easier than you think. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you follow our simple steps. A lot of gardeners will back away slowly when the conversation turns to seed trays and heating mats, and they start muttering things like, “I just buy organic seedlings from my local nursery.” That’s one way […]

Best Sun-tolerant Flowering plants you can plant in this summer

Portulaca Portulaca grows from seed or cutting. You can preserve at least one cutting each of every variety from the last season in a single pot and repot in spring for a gloriously colourful summer garden. Vinca Usually, Sadabahar, Vinca Rosea, Lochinera Rosea, or Madagascar periwinkle, is the last plant to wilt in the summer […]