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Common reason for plant deceased

Common reason for plant deceased - Bagbani

Bagbani describe the common reason for plant deceased because we grow and cares for the plants like our child they brings happiness.Joy and satisfaction in life but when they grow in improper way or don’t flourish or dies.Its bring frustration and sadness. As we do care plants like a child so it’s necessary to know about their needs and requirement for their proper and healthy way. For more View Bagbani grow healthy grow organic.

There are some common reason for plant deceased:

1. Water ratio: Different plant have different quantity of water requirement for the growth so its necessary to gain full knowledge about the plant before planting. Otherwise over-watering can lead to a plant’s root rot due to insufficient air or brown spots or the leaves are soggy and rotten.

2. Soil nourishment: The health of soil is very important the soil needs to be fertile, free of harmful worms like grub worms, which destroy the roots of a plant and are a common cause for yellow patches on your lawns. The soil also needs to be loosened as tight, compact soil prevents the roots from breathing oxygen. If the pot is too small for the plant and the roots are getting constricted, it is time to re-pot the plant into a larger planter. soil pH also plays an important role and range of approximately 6 to 7 promotes the most ready availability of plant nutrients.

 3. Sunlight: Different plants need different amount of sunlight. Indoor plants need little sunlight whereas plants like roses require full sunlight. If the leaves are becoming dry and brittle, this means that there is too much sunlight for the plant. So try to keep them in semi-shade for a few days. Yellowing of leaves occurs when the plant is receiving lesser sunlight. Shift the plant to a place which receives ample sunlight.

4. Pest: Root Rot Fungus or other diseases and pests can cause sudden plant death. Regularly checking the growth of your plant and spraying it with organic pesticides can help in prevents the plant.

5. Nutrition/ Fertilizer: Overdosing to plants with too much fertilizers/compost is a very common cause of death, especially for new plants. Younger plants only need a smaller portions of fertilizer. Its always need to remember, to mix the fertilizer properly with soil, otherwise pure concentrated fertilizer may choke and kill the plant.

  6. Improper drainage: Improper drainage is one of the common problem for plant dyeing. The soil or the potting mixture should be porous enough to allow for good drainage of water. So there should be hole at the bottom of pot and it should not be blocked. It can be test by pouring water into the pot – the water should be completely absorbed by the soil and it should flow out through the hole.

 7. Temperature: Some plants need proper amount of temperature and humidity for flowering and fruit setting. So proper health of plant it necessary to do some research before planting so that it survive long and also get chances to grew them in off season also.

8. Natural Course/ death: It is the natural course of some of the plants to die after a certain age or after they have given fruits/flowers etc. For example, the Plantain/Banana tree dies after giving birth to a bunch of bananas and a few young sapling.

This is the main common reason of plant deceased.

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