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Balcony Garden

The increase in population has led to shrinkage in the size of living spaces. Apartments and flats are the order of the day. However, that does not mean that you cannot have your own garden space.

Our experts make the most of your available space to give a new life to your balcony. Based on your specific requirements, we create lush green balcony garden complemented with vivid plants and flowers. The experts at Bagbani use modern and scientific methods to grow natural grass in your balcony that is sure to make your mornings and evenings livelier. What better than to enjoy your cup of tea relaxing on natural grass within the comforts of your home!


Do you want to renovate your balcony? Do you know the benefits to spend time in balcony?

Balcony renovation and maintenance is required to be done because-
Chillax in balcony You can relax well in your balcony sitting in between the greenery.
Yoga point- To stay fit and healthy you need that perfect corner to practice yoga in your house. What else can be better then doing yoga in between plants sitting in your balcony.
Hang your Hammock- Hang those beautiful hammocks in your balcony and enjoy the greenery of your balcony. Read your novels sitting on your favorite hammock and enjoy the greenery around you.
Grow your herbs- There are so many herbs that has the capability to protect us during changing weather conditions and other environmental factors. Give yourself home grown herbal protection by maintaining your own balcony garden.
Beautification – You can get the hanging garden, or wall garden done in your balcony and make it look awesome. Just sit there and glaze it’s beauty.
Oxygen Chamber- Make your balcony the lungs of your whole house. Plant the greenery over there and make your house rid of all the pollution and environmental conditions that can harm your health.

Bagbani can help you in a unique way-

No space issues- No need to worry if you have less space in your balcony. We have the creative hanging garden and wall garden ideas to maximize your space with greenery and manage the available limited space effectively.
Soilless mixture- Do not worry about the weight soil puts on the whole structure as we have soilless mixture which weighs 1/10th the weight of normal soil. Do not worry as the plants grow the same way in this mixture as well.
Self-watering system- Do not worry about how to water those hanging plants and wall garden plants as we have this highly customized self watering system to water your balcony garden easily.
Carefree vacation- You can go for trips and vacations without worrying as our self watering system will take care of your plants in your absence by watering them on regular basis.
Affordable prices- We provide high quality balcony garden renovation and maintenance services at the most pocket friendly prices.
Innovative- We have a highly dedicated team of innovators and thinkers to help you make the best use of your balcony.
Easy to reach- Just call us or mail us and we will be there just at your doorstep.