Hanging Garden

Don’t have space for a terrace or balcony garden? Bagbani has a solution for that too. Our experts can create a Hanging Garden even in the smallest of spaces. Supported by extensive research, we have an offering of plants which perfectly suit the hanging garden format. Whether it’s a ceiling, a wall or a window, our hanging gardens will make your guests turn their heads.

With our innovative techniques, the hanging baskets can accommodate flower plants as well as vegetable plants. Vines and climbers used in a hanging garden are sure to magnify the beauty of your house along with keeping the air fresh!


Have you got less space in your balcony?  Do you like hanging pots with flowers in them?
Do you want to outline your lawn or house with the hanging plants?

Hanging garden is must to have these days –

Space is a constraint – If you want to plant too many flowers and herbs in a limited space then, hanging garden is a beat option to do that.
Beautify the place – Make your place out-stand and look amazingly beautiful with those hanging pots with beautiful flowers.
Colorful outline – Hanging garden with pots containing flowers of various color appear to outline your space with a colored boundary which makes the place looks awesome.
Protect from stray animals – If your lawn is accessible by stray animals from outside then, protect your flowers from getting plucked by hanging them in pots.
Protect flowers from getting plucked – If you have small kids who have the habit of plucking off flowers then hanging garden are best to help you protect those beautiful flora.

Bagbani Is There For You –

We will arrange all the hanging garden related equipment’s for you.
We have our experts to analyze your space and plan the hanging garden as per your requirements.
Call us or reach us online and we will be there at your doorstep with our services.
We charge a very nominal fee to help you get your own hanging garden.