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Wall Garden

Owing to a shortage of gardening space in urban areas, a wall garden is an ingenious way to efficiently utilize your space. Bagbani experts can create a wall garden that will provide a new life to the walls of your house. Bagbani use plants that are suitable for interior environments and are capable of producing oxygen 24×7. Along with being a treat to the eyes, the wall garden will purify the air inside your house.

If you are thinking that maintaining a wall garden is difficult as compared to a traditional garden, let us assure you that it is not. Using our scientific methods, we can provide you with ways to maintain your hanging garden and keep it healthy. Contact us today and transform your living room into a ‘living room’, literally!


Do you have less space in your balcony?     Do you want to decorate your walls with beautiful plants?
Do you what your corridors to become greener?

Wall garden is needed to –

Make corridors greener – Convert your simple walls into beautiful wall gardens and make your boring corridors interesting and full of greenery.
Space is constraint – If you do not have enough space to plant your balcony then, wall garden is best option for you.
Decorate the walls – Let the walls of your balcony compliment the rest of the greenery by the wall garden they have.
Maximize greenery – In today’s polluted world we need to have as much space covered with plants as we can.
Decorate your balcony or lawn – Decorate the walls with beautiful flowers.

Bagbani can help you with –

Arranging all the equipments required to plant tour wall garden.
Plan how to convert a simple wall into a beautiful wall garden.
Take away all your headache to do all the work.
Just call us or reach us online and we will be there at your doorstep with our team of experts to lend you a helping hand.
We have the best price in the whole market.