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Encourage gifting real plants rather than artificial flowers/plants.


Gifting is an everlasting gesture given to our favorite person on a special day. Flowers are of great importance in everyone’s life and they are required on every occasion. We at Bagbani believe that everyone should understand the importance of nature and show interest in giving and gifting plants, to encourage its importance and to survive in the beauty of nature by following teaching which says:

Sow the seed of nurturing mother earth today,
Create a feeling of humanity every day.

So let’s discuss the benefit of gifting real plants rather than artificial flowers:

1. Real plants increase oxygen and improve air quality- When you have real plants indoors they pump up fresh oxygen and give you fresh air by improving air quality and removing toxins from indoor and outdoor by purifying the air, whereas artificial plants lack in improving air quality.

2. Real plants improve productivity- When surrounded with real plants it gives you motivation, inspiration, and positivity around you and helps you to stay motivated that helps in reducing stress which increases concentration and makes it feel lively, unlike artificial plants which have no improvement in productivity.

3. Health benefits are seen in real plants- The ratio of being sick is lesser when you are around real plants as it helps to develop calmness and patience by restoring energy so work can be performed better. Artificial plants have no health benefits as it is just for show basis.

4. Real plants are environment friendly- Real plants are associated with a healthy environment and they help the planet, nature, human beings, and mother earth by giving immense sources for livelihood while artificial plants do the exact opposite of it and they are harmful to the environment.

5. Real plants can be used as compost- When your real plant dies or it doesn’t come in use, compost can be done from it which is helpful in farming and gardening new plants whereas artificial plants cannot be used as compost.

6. Real plants eliminate plastic- Real plants have all the benefits that are completely justified for human beings. Artificial plants are made from plastic and that harms the environment as they cannot be recycled and they don’t have any benefits for human beings except their appearance and maintenance.
Therefore real plants are always better than artificial one as it is for the betterment of the future and our nature because ” Sacha hai, vaahi acha hai ” unlike the artificial plants and flowers which have no advantages for future and nature.

Nature hai to future hai.

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