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Grow healthy grow organic

Grow healthy go organic


Most of peoples don’t know about the phase “Grow healthy grow organic”. The term “Organic” refers to an Eco or earth friendly way of farming and processing foods without using synthetic chemicals to control bugs or weeds. Natural or organic fertilizer are differs from chemicals in the way of feeding the plants.

Soils with organic material are rich in minerals, remain loose and airy, hold more moisture, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development while chemicals added soil loses its organic matter and macrobiotic activity resulted, deteriorates of soil structure, becoming compact, lifeless and less able to hold water and nutrients. The main difference is that chemical fertilizers are mostly made of non-renewable resources, while organic fertilizers are made of completely renewable ones.

Organic fertilizer

Generally, organic fertilizers come in two forms, dry and liquid.Dry type fertilizers are usually a blend of many ingredients and provide an array of nutrients.

Dry fertilizers must be spread on the desired area and then raked into the top 15 cm of soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers, organic ones are non-burning and thus, safe to use on your seedlings. Liquid ones provide your plants with a small nutrient boost that must be provided every week or two.

Liquid fertilizers are absorbed by both the leaves as well as the roots of the plant. It must be used during the critical time period of a plant’s life, during flowering and/or fruiting. For usage, follow the label instructions thoroughly. Some natural or organic fertilizers are

1. Neem Cake (Acts as an organic fertilizer as well as pesticide helps to stay away pests and insects).

2. Vermicompost (Pure earthworm compost: boosts fertility, aides release of other fertilizers, minimizes nutrient loss).

3. BioStar Organic Fertilizer (It is derived from all natural earthworm dung matter, also increases the moisture content of soil).

4. Organic Fertilizers (Contains iron, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, manganese, sodium, potassium, zinc and boron. One product to solve all your soil worries).

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