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Organic Garden Of Fruits And Vegetables

Organic Garden


India is the world largest producer of many fruits and vegetables but still the fruits & vegetables that are being supplied in major cities of our country are spiked with harmful chemicals used in growing, ripening and increasing shelf life of everyday seasonal fruits and vegetables. Most of the population of metro cities are now a days found increasingly concerned about the safety of the foods while buying from the grocery store. Fearing their health because of the use of pesticides & genetically modified food have lead many people to consider for growing organic fruits & vegetables at home.

Assets of growing organic fruits & vegetables garden:

  1. Shape up your nutrition
  2. Cut down the exposure with harmful chemicals
  3. Redeem your hard earned money
  4. Beneficial to the environment
  5. Enhanced taste due to freshness & lack of chemicals
  6. Improves biodiversity

If the idea of growing your own organic vegetables sounds good to you and you want to start your first organic fruits & vegetables garden Bagbani has all the answers & advice for you. Here we are listing 5 tips for growing an organic fruits & vegetables garden. 

1) Consider your organic garden size:-

First consider the space you want to convert into your organic fruits & vegetables garden as that will give you a clear picture of how many plants you want to grow, and how much time and energy you are willing to put into your garden.

Organic Garden

2) Choose the right plants:-

Before you start planting first do some research to find out which plants will be right to grow as per the weather & other atmospheric conditions in your locality. You may also ask the local vendors & nurseries in your area about the seasonal vegetables & fruits and the conditions required for their fruitful growth.

Bed Planting

3) Prepare the soil & soil bed before planting:-

All plants grow better if provided with rich garden soil enriched with lots of compost and other organic materials. If you are preparing your first organic fruits & vegetables garden then do yourself a bit of favor and take time to work lot of compost and other organic materials in your organic garden bed before you plant anything.

Garden Bed (Bagbani)

4) Cut off  chemical based fertilizers & pesticides:-

Chemical based fertilizers & pesticides often flow in our food and causes many health problems from toxic residue. To focus on organic gardening we must use the organic & natural ways to keep our plants healthy.

Organic Garden (Bagbani)

5) Rotate your crops from year to year:-

Crop rotation is a very fruitful technique among farmers, as it helps to reduce pest and disease problems and avoids depleting the soil of certain nutrients. It is wise to practice this same principle in your organic fruits & vegetable garden.

Organic Garden (Bagbani)

These tips & advises are practical ways to stretch your money while growing an organic fruits & vegetables garden.

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  2. Helen says:

    One of my favorite gardens was the one that was 1/2 a girly garden and 1/2 a man’s garden. It wasn’t so much the whole design of it, but there was a combination of the yellow hellebore, orange sedge, pink tulips and ‘Carmel’ Heuchera. It would only look good for a very short period of time, but the effect was impressive.

  3. Nikhil says:

    Its nice article about growing organic fruits & vegetables garden.we are also following same stratagies to improve high-quality vegetable plants, flower plants, Fruit plants.Sneha Nursery is one of the best nursery in Hyderabad to takes care about our Healthy seedlings, Fruit seedlings routinely to keep them healthy.

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  5. Rajib says:

    Thanks for sharing this incredible information. I must say, you are collecting great information which is very good for me. Thanks again

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